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Automatic Preparation units for Powder products

The CAP-CE Series has capacity ranges of 750 l/h, 1500 l/h, 3000 l/h und 6000 l/h. All units have own control panels and are ready for connection and operation on site.

The CAP-CE units consist of 3 chambers for mixing, dilution, ripening and storage of polyelectrolyte. A screw feeder transports the powder from a hopper to a mixing unit where the powder is mixed with a preset amount of water. In the first chamber the powder is dissolved with a mixer while it ages in the second chamber. In the third chamber the prepared liquid is stored until it is removed by a metering pump for consumption. As soon as the level of poly in the third chamber is at minimum, new polyelectrolyte is automatically prepared until the maximum level is reached. Level sensors ensure the automatic level control and also dry run protection to avoid that the metering pump runs dry and the process has no polymer.

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