Balder Camby
Founder and CEO of EKOFINN Energie- & Wassertechnik GmbH

As Chemical Engineer he is not only internationally active in his career but also in private Balder Camby is a citizen of the whole world. Though born in Belgium he spent his childhood and youth in Africa. He first studied Geology and completed his studies in Chemical Engineering at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. After a Masters degree he also completed a Bachelors degree in Business Economics. His career started off with the Ministry of Water Affairs in Namibia where Balder Camby consulted different Water projects.
1990 he moved to Germany where he managed environmental projects in the fields of Water, Earth, Air and Energy–also a Research Project to purify waste Air from a road tunnel. 1995 he founded the company EKOFINN, at first concentrating on the design and construction of decentralized waste water treatment plants. After 2000 Sludge Dewatering has become the core business of EKOFINN, which Balder Camby has continuously extended with great success.

Since 2010 he spends more and more time in South Africa with great growing success in the field of sludge dewatering and water treatment.

Balder Camby is father of two children. He loves nature and travels with much compassion to distant countries.

Besides countries in Europe his current preference for work is South Africa and Namibia which are very familiar to him from childhood. His commitment for preserving the future of water and a stress-free society is his life.

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