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Highly effective Dewatering Machine

For the continuous dewatering of large quantities of sludge EKOFINN uses the innovative MONOBELT® belt filter presses for applications all over the world with great success for municipal and diverse industrial waste water plants.

The dewatering machine convinces through its unique design and combination of prethickener and a belt press using a special endless filter belt. MONOBELT® belt filter presses have a unique design of simplicity and high efficiency which makes it ideal for use on a global scale. All machines are manufactured of stainless steel. EKOFINN also supplies suitable units to prepare polyelctrolyte with the POLYDILUTION series CAP-CE and CAP-EM of different sizes and applications.

Design and Function
The belt filter press comprises of a 2-stage dewatering system, a prethickener and a belt press. The prethickener removes most of the water while increasing the dry solids content (DS) – depending on sludge type – from 0.5-3 % up to 5-15 %.

The final dewatering takes place in the second stage consisting of a belt press where water is removed under high pressure. The dewatered filter cake can - depending on the sludge - reach DS-contents ranging from 18 to 25 % when municipal. When dewatering mineral sludge the DS-content can be up to 70 %.
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