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WINTEC Microfiltration
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Microfiltration for larger Applications

Drum Filter units to reduce suspended solids

The WINTEC® drum filter units are used for small and large applications. Depending on the type of filter cloth these units can remove particles as small as 20 micron. At the same time other parameters such as COD, BOD, Phosphates, Nitrates and other substances can be reduced.

All units are manufactured in stainless steel including filter cloths of Polyester or stainless steel – depending on the application – which may range from 20, 30, 40, 60, 80 or 100 micron. On request other cloths can be used.

The filter drums may vary in size from 800 to3000 mm diametert o lengths of 500 to 3500 mm. The design is adapted to the requirements on site, whether to be installed in an intzegrated tank or in a concrete channel.
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